• Tips for Employees: How to Deal with Office Discrimination

    Office discrimination is a common yet alarming situation that almost every employee has experienced and or still experiencing. It usually happens when a job applicant, new employee, or some permanent employee is treated unfavorably due to his or her gender, race, national origin, religion, age, skin color, or even his or her disability.


    According to the law, it is illegal to discriminate against an individual, simply because of his or her differences, especially in the workplace. The Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects every employee from discrimination, especially during hiring, promotion, discharge, referral, and other aspects of employment.


    How to deal with office discrimination?

    If you are an employee and you feel like you are being harassed or discriminated against by your co-workers or even by your supervisors, here are the things you can do:


    1. Talk it over to an expert

    If you do not know what to do and you want to stop being discriminated against, you have to talk it over to an expert, for instance, a Sioux City attorney. These people know what to do and how to stop office harassment. Lay out all the facts to them and ask for legal advice; however, refrain from venting out too much, it will only distract you your main goal. Also, never mention with anyone at your workplace that you have talked to an attorney for legal advice because it will only cause a delay of justice.


    2. Get evidence

    The next step is to get pieces of evidence. Your attorney will want solid facts that you are being harassed at your workplace; this is to get more details about how to work on your case. The evidence may include emails, work documents, your performance reviews, and even your work diary – Sioux City law firm will want you to keep a work diary that will help them figure out what would be the appropriate move.


    3. Talk to your HR

    One of the common mistakes of employees who are being harassed at work is consulting their HR without talking to their lawyers first, especially a Sioux City lawyer. Oftentimes, their judgment would lead to retaliation, causing the victim to leave the company without a proper fight, especially if the perpetrator is one of the bosses or a high performing employee.


    The HR’s interest lies in the company; they have to protect the interest of the company. Even though their goal is to support the employees, they are still hands off when it comes to decision-making about whom to fire and who to be disciplined.


    4. Quit

    Even though you are fighting to keep your job, the best and last resort you have to do is walk away without regrets. This will serve as an example that you have fought your right as an employee and your right as a person. Do not stick around; after you have obtained justice, plan your escape to avoid retaliation from other co-workers or even your boss.


    Do not be afraid; with your current working skills, you will find a better workplace than what you have right now.

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